Project Implicit Executive Director Transition Announcement

Dear colleagues,

It is with a touch of sadness and a whole lot of gratitude for each of you that I write to let you know that I am stepping down from my role as Executive Director of Project Implicit. The opportunity to lead this organization and to work with such an amazing team of scientists has been the highlight of my career so far. But Project Implicit has now reached a critical point in its growth where it no longer makes sense to have a part-time director. While I do hope to remain highly involved with the organization's scientific endeavors, I am excited to announce that we will have hired our first full-time Executive Director, effective immediately.

Amy Johnson (she/her) has accepted the role of Interim Executive Director of Project Implicit. Amy joined the organization as Director of Operations in June 2019, bringing five years of sales, operations, and leadership experience in two start-ups and a marketing agency to the organization. Over the last year, she has managed finance, operations, sales, and service delivery, while preparing the organization to scale its team and service offerings in 2020-2021.

As Interim ED, Amy is interested in expanding Project Implicit’s current consulting and education services while creating long-term, research-oriented partnerships with corporate and institutional leaders. With a change model centered on both assessment and education, organizational leaders will not only have data-driven, actionable steps they can take to reduce disparities within their organizations, but individuals will also have access to evidence-based strategies aimed to increase awareness of bias, to promote personal responsibility for the unwanted effects of bias, and to minimize the impact of bias on judgments and behavior. Meanwhile, the Scientific Advisory Board will continue to educate our millions of annual visitors through the Demo, Research, and International sites.

In addition to serving as Interim ED, Amy is also a Ph.D. Candidate in American Studies at Brown University where her research focuses on the intersections of the vice industry, immigration policy, and inter-group conflict. She holds a Masters degree in American Studies from Brown, a Masters degree in History from American University, and a Bachelors degree in History from Kalamazoo College. She lives in the Detroit Metro area with her partner, Phil, and their two dogs.

If you have any questions for Amy, you can contact her at amy AT projectimplicit DOT net. And, of course, my (virtual) door is always open.

Thank you for your collegiality and friendship over the years,

July 13, 2020