UVA Implicit Social Cognition Laboratory

Applying to be an Undergraduate Research Assistant

Undergraduate research assistants (RAs) receive 3 hours of psychology credit (PSYC 395, 396, 495, or 496) per semester and spend approximately 10 hours per week in the lab. Typically, RAs run psychology experiments in the laboratory. Depending on interest and experience, RAs may also be involved in: data entry, literature searches, reading articles, or study design.

We require at least a one-year (two semester) commitment, due to the training need for each RA.

We have a weekly RA meeting in which we discuss implicit attitudes and the current research.  Being an RA is a great opportunity to find out about the process of doing research and about implicit social cognition.

You can complete our online application to be an undergraduate RA.

If you have any other questions about becoming an undergraduate research assistant, you can also e-mail the lab's RA coordinator, Anup Gampa.